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UGHCOINS Investment Corporation Pte. Ltd. ("UGHCOINS") is a China conglomerate backed private fund management and financial advisory firm headquartered in Singapore.

Before UGHCOINS, DAR worked as an institutional trader specializing in global derivatives and FX markets. His decades of experience span through Bank of America Futures Inc (1989), Bankers Trust Futures Inc (1991), Barclays ZW Futures Inc (1992)and Smith Barney Shearson Inc (Citigroup 1994).

Following his institutional tenures, Dar became a profitable Local trader on the floor of SIMEX.

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  • In 2010

    UGHCOINS was founded and became a proprietary trading member of Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT)

  • In 2011

    UGHCOINS became an Exempt Financial Adviser ("EFA") and Exempt Fund Manager ("EFM"), where the exemption was granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

  • In 2013

    With the tightening of the fund management regime in Singapore, UGHCOINS upgraded to become a Registered Fund Management Company.

  • In 2017

    UGHCOINS went through another round of merger & acquisition and was completely acquired by a China conglomerate.



  • To be the top liquidity provider in the financial industry and capture significant and substantial percentage of market shares in global cryptocurrency transactions.
  • With the implementation and improvement of financial technology, we aim at providing an advance solution to replace obsolete financial system with a safe and secure method of monetary transactions.
  • We aim to expand and reach out to our targeted community by integrating new networking solutions where all can earn and learn simultaneously.


To be a distinguished crypto portfolio management community in the international crypto marketplace upholding our strong integrity, honesty, commitment in addition to our years of expertise to deliver a dynamic financial product to speedily grow your digital asset capitals consistently. It will be a legacy that will last for our next and next generations.


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